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Fine Art FAQ

What defines photography as ‘Fine Art’?

Meeting rigorous production standards, using museum quality, archival materials and managing limited editions with the utmost care and integrity are keys to establishing the criteria for Fine Art photography. Celebrity Vault meticulously follows each of these approaches.

How does Celebrity Vault meet Fine Art standards?

Every Fine Art print is professionally produced to the highest standard, using archival materials with state of the art equipment. Prints are available in hand-numbered limited editions. Each Fine Art print comes with a certificate of authenticity and a tamper-proof holographic seal provided by the image copyright holder.

What are the benefits to purchasing Fine Art prints?

Fine Art prints are available in limited quantities, so they are likely to appreciate in value over time. Their high production standards ensure that, with proper care and handling, they will last for generations.

What size are prints available in the Fine Art product line?

Standard Fine Art print sizes are 11 x 14”, 16 x 20”, 20 x 24” and 30 x 40”. A 40x40” size is also available for many images. These dimensions refer to the size of the paper on which the image is printed.

Do the print sizes presented on the website represent the image size or the paper size?

The sizes presented on our website represent the paper size. Each print will have approximately a 1” border on three sides (top, left and right) and a 2” border on the bottom. For instance, if you order a 16 x 20” print, the image will be approximately 14 x 17” and the paper will be 16 x 20”. The borders on each print also provide space for matting, framing, and handling without harming the image.

What the sizes of Celebrity Vault’s limited editions?

Limited edition sizes vary by photographer and collection. Many editions conform to the following specifications:

  • 11 x 14" — Editions of 250
  • 16 x 20" — Editions of 96
  • 20 x 24" — Editions of 48
  • 30 x 40" — Editions of 24

Can I purchase my Fine Art print framed? What are my framing options?

Yes, Celebrity Vault offers many framing options for you to purchase with your prints. Buying a framed print gives you the immediate satisfaction of being to hang your art on your wall as soon your delivery arrives.

Celebrity Vaults frames use acid-free, archival materials. We offer frames in white or classic black solid wood 1.25” frame with a classic 4-ply white 2” matte and UV plexiglass. The backing is flush with the frame and the backing is sealed to eliminate dust and preserve your print. Hanging hardware is included as well. Either frame looks great with both black & white and color photography; each is neutral enough to match almost any room.

Customer framing and matting options are also available upon request to accommodate specific framing preferences; contact a Celebrity Vault expert to discuss customer framing options. Please see our Fie Art Buyer’s Guide for more information on our frame materials.

If my print is 11x14, how big will it be if I get it framed? I want to make sure I have enough room on my wall.

Assuming you use a 2” matte and a 1.25” frame, we estimate the following framed outer dimensions of our most popular sizes:

  • 11 x14” framed print will have approximate outer dimensions of 16 x 19”
  • 16 x 20” framed print will have approximate outer dimensions of 21 x 25”
  • 20 x 24” framed print will have approximate outer dimensions of 25 x 29”

How are Celebrity Vaults authenticated?

Each Celebrity Vault Fine Art print is embossed with an official, tamper-proof holographic seal.

Each Celebrity Vault certificate of authenticity bears the corresponding holographic seal and edition number to that of each Fine Art print.

Fine Art prints in selected Celebrity Vault collections are also stamped with the company’s official embossed corporate seal, providing another layer of verifiable authenticity.

Who provides the embossed seal?

Depending on the image, the seal may be provided by Capital Art, Celebrity Vault’s parent company; the estate of the photographer or another authorized family member; or another authorized third party.

What does it mean for my print to be part of a limited edition?

Each photograph in the limited edition will be hand-numbered. For example, a print numbered 86/250 simply means that it is print number 86, out of the 250 available prints in that size and printing substrate. Once an edition sells through, we will never print that edition again. Maintaining this discipline is a legally-binding obligation embodied by our commitment to the highest quality customer service and production standards.

Limited edition Fine Art prints from Celebrity Vault are hand-numbered in ascending order. For instance, the first person to purchase an 11"x14" print will receive print no. 1 of 250. The second person to purchase an 11" x 14" of the same print, will receive no. 2 of 250, and so on. The same system is employed with other limited edition print sizes.

What is a Master Print?

A master print is a museum-quality archival print photograph printed on fiber-based paper that is designed to last for generations. A master print is produced from original film studio negatives — an 8"x10" silver nitrate negative. Master prints offer a consistent and neutral image tone with no cast, as well as strong blacks, detailed highlights and a superb tonal range in between.

At Celebrity Vault, each limited edition Fine Art master print:

  • Is printed from Celebrity Vault’s original archive.
  • Has affixed a sequentially-numbered, tamper-proof holographic seal.
  • Is accompanied by a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity with a matching, sequentially-numbered holographic seal.
  • Is stamped with an official corporate seal for an added layer of authenticity.